David Biebelberg

Senior Vice President

Dave is known for finding the most effective solutions for his clients’ financial challenges and having a positive impact on their lives.  Whether it is asset preservation, risk management, saving for college and retirement, tax management strategies or intergenerational planning, he identifies and implements appropriate plans for the wide range of financial challenges that clients may have.  By doing so, he helps clients strive to get from where they are --to where they want to be.  He begins by understanding his client’s vision for their financial futures and then he works to develop and implement a strategy to achieve that vision.  He values his clients’ time and always strives to provide an outstanding level of service.  Dave prides himself on working with his clients and their parents, children and grandchildren, essentially becoming advisor for the entire family!   

After a long, successful career in the advertising industry, Dave turned his talents to financial services.  He spent several years at Merrill Lynch prior to joining Freedom Capital Management as an independent financial advisor.  His client-focused background was a perfect fit for his current business model—where his clients and their goals are his top priority. 

Dave lives in Springfield, New Jersey, where he and his wife Alysia raised their two sons. 

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